Press Release: Myers Replaces Running Mate



Independent Candidate for Governor Seeks New Running Mate


The Independent candidate for Governor, Mike Myers, is reluctant to announce that his good friend and choice for lieutenant governor is no longer able to seek the position on his ticket. The Myers campaign has lost Caitlin Collier as the nominee for Lieutenant Governor so that she can address an imminent health issue in her family. Myers and campaign associates are wishing Caitlin’s family the best outcome possible. Mike has personally visited with her to provide moral support and prayer. Caitlin will be missed from her important role in the early stage of the campaign, and is recognized as an outstanding mother and wife to her family.

Mike will be considering other candidates and discus the choices with supporters and friends. The campaign will officially nominate a new running mate on Tuesday July 8th in Sioux Falls. Mike is committed to choosing a running mate that is idea-centered, principled and serious about serving South Dakota. Mike is eager to move quickly into the next phase of his campaign, with expanded outreach to rural communities, fundraising and more one-on-one discussions with voters.


Mike Myers will make announce his new choice for Lieutenant Governor next Tuesday, July 8th at 11:30am the Main Library in Sioux Falls.

200 N. Dakota Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57117


Governor Daugaard made public yesterday his willingness to engage in 4 debates. Although we did not receive a letter from the Governor’s campaign, he made it public he would debate his challengers at the following venues and times. Mike is eager to sit down with the candidates for a debate and discussion about South Dakotans and he looks forward to those opportunities.

  • One at DakotaFest, which runs from Aug. 19 to Aug. 21 in Mitchell
  • One at the State Fair (Aug. 28 to Sept. 1), run by the South Dakota Farmers Union
  • One televised debate hosted by KELO-TV
  • One debate on SDPB-TV, on Oct. 9 at 8 p.m.

Click Here the article in the Argus Leader by David Montgomery on 06/16







The Independent candidate for Governor, Mike Myers is enthusiastic and eager to debate the Governor and the Democratic nominee. Myers is dedicated to promoting an issue-based campaign. Myers has a background in healthcare administration and law, and wants to make health care needs for working class and senior South Dakotans a top priority for the next administration. Myers challenges the other candidates to consider Medicaid expansion, patient choice, and a state sponsored health care co-op. Myers is planning community town hall events to craft a proposal for the state sponsored health care co-op. Myers is ready and willing to listen to the people and consider the necessary reforms to put the people in charge of government. Myers wants to address a wide range of other issues, including those not traditionally addressed by the major political parties: including agricultural hemp and workforce development.


From the candidate:


“I look forward to sitting down with the Governor and Democratic nominee to debate the important issues and give the voters an independent option. My campaign is putting the people back in charge, and we’re advocating for the working class and seniors.” – Mike Myers


From the campaign manager:


Mike is just tired as the average South Dakotan with one-party rule and is a long deserved independent choice for the voters.” – Tara Volesky

Sioux Falls Press Conference: 01/15/2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 13th January 2014

Independent Candidate for Governor Announces Running Mate and Launches Petition for 2014 Election


Michael Myers, A former health care executive and law professor will announce his Lieutenant Governor running mate for an Independent bid for Governor of South Dakota.

                  Michael Myers is an Independent candidate for Governor and will introduce his Lieutenant Governor running mate at a press conference this Wednesday, 11am in Sioux Falls at the Main Library in Meeting Room A; 200 N. Dakota Ave. After the announcement, the candidates will begin the process to collect more than 3,000 voter signatures necessary to qualify an Independent on the ballot. The press conference will start with a brief introduction of Myers and his running mate and open up for questions from the press. The public and campaign supporters are also encouraged to attend.

Michael Myers is a highly qualified expert on health care policy. Myers worked as CEO of Mayo-St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, the COO who led the merger of St. Joseph Mercy and St. Vincent hospitals in Sioux City, Iowa, and the merger of Fairview Riverside Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Myers also taught healthcare administration and healthcare law at the Schools of Law and Business at the University of South Dakota for 23 years.

After working a long career as a health care administrator and instructor, Myers retired and set out to apply his knowledge and guidance to public service for senior citizens. For more than a decade, professor Myers hosted a radio show called the “Elder law Forum” and provided free advice to senior citizens. Now Myers sets out to use his expertise and passion to serve South Dakota as the next Governor. Myers is committed to make major health care reforms his number one priority for his administration, and will promote a non-profit cooperative that is owned by the members who receive coverage, so “profits” will be returned to patients in the form of lowered costs.

Myers is not just an advocate for patients and better health care policy, but an Independent voice for South Dakota who can be open to new ideas and concepts that would not otherwise be considered by officials who are held captive to political parties. Myers will make the Governor’s office more transparent and collaborative with the public. Myers advocates for a range of issues spanning agricultural and industrial hemp, economic development that will strengthen our work force, and real education reform that starts with parents and teachers not bureaucrats and politicians. Myers’ running mate has legislative and legal experience and will add much populous appeal to his Independent ticket.